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Donation News







Would you consider donating to support the Bing Rooming House Restoration?

The Bing House will serve as an African American Community Museum to preserve the history of all local families.  During the past two years we have been interviewing residents and video recording their stories and accounts on local history so if you have a unique story to preserve please contact us. This is an ongoing project of the Improvement League of Plant City whom own the former Rooming House. The current restoration success of $328,000 has been a city, state, and private collaborative effort.  Your support is vital to completing the project with an estimate of $65,000 to finish the inside. Any donations of $25.00 or more become a permanent part of the museum’s recorded history.  It is your opportunity to Make History.  You can donate online or download our donation form below.



How do I donate?

Click the "Mail In Donation Form" link to download a donation form.

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You can donate online by clicking the donate button below. All donations are tax exempt in accordance with IRS and federal laws classifying us as a 501c3 public charitable organation.

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